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Check Status in MyKe

You can view the status of all your requests in MyKE ( in the My Support Requests module.

If you don’t already have that module added to your dashboard, you can find and add it to your dashboard by going to Resources in the left hand side column, scroll down until you find My Support Requests, and either check your status there or click the star in the module to add it to your dashboard.

Meaning of Statuses

  • New – submitted directly by the end user. Not yet reviewed by IT Orders
  • Assigned – reassigned from another IT group. Not yet reviewed by IT Orders
  • Acknowledged – We’ve looked at the request briefly and possibly changed the title of the Incident to be more informative.
  • In Progress – We’ve started working on this request.
  • Pending Analyst – Waiting for approvals from…
    • Information Security Office (ISO) for a Risk Assessment and approval (only for requests involving sensitive information)
    • Digital Accessibility Office (DAO) for Digital Accessibility approval (for all requests over $5,000 and 100+ users)
    • Data Governance Oversight Group (DGOG) for approval from other campus groups (only for requests involving sensitive information. Usually involves the University Registrar)
    • Also waiting on input from another IT staff member
  • Pending Customer – Waiting for the customer to…
    • Answer a question (is this the correct item to order, what cost code to use, etc.)
    • Provide additional documentation that’s required (Data Protection Checklist, Terms Addendum, receipt, invoice, etc.)
  • Pending Delivery – Waiting for…
    • Software orders to be fulfilled
    • Equipment orders to be delivered to campus
  • Pending Finance – Waiting for…
    • Something from KF Financial Services (answer to a question, etc.)
    • A formal PO to be dispatched by UNC Purchasing
    • UNC Purchasing to answer a question
    • The payment date to show up in the system for a formal PO
  • Pending Vendor – Waiting for the vendor to provide…
    • An invoice
    • Required documentation (RAVE form, SOC2, VPAT, etc.)
    • Updated vendor information (needed to add/update company names and billing information in UNC’s system)

If a status hasn’t changed for a while please be patient

  • We regularly have a backlog of requests (generally 100+ requests. Some of which are 1+ months old).
  • There is an extreme delay in shipping and delivery of computer equipment due to the worldwide microchip shortage (1-2 months is not uncommon right now).
  • The UNC approval process for requests involving sensitive information can take 1-2 months depending on the workload of the groups working on Risk Assessment.