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  • If you selected a non-standard model of computer or it has non-standard hardware specifications (larger hard drive, more RAM, etc.) then the computer will need to be custom built overseas. That means that the computer won’t start being built until after they receive the order and may have other orders that need to be processed before yours. Shipping from overseas also takes a lot longer than our standard computers built in NC.
  • There may be supply issues with the specific parts needed for your computer. The most common parts to have supply issues are hard drives, specifically those 512GB or larger. Usually these supply issues come from the warehouse for the part manufacturer catching fire, flooding, etc.
  • Once the computer arrives at McColl, our technicians need to install all of our standard programs and configurations. Our technicians handle a lot of different tasks on top of configuring new computers – responding to classroom issues, repairing broken computers, moving and setting up computer equipment between offices, etc. Sometimes we need to prioritize these other needs before configuring new computers.
  • Standard Lenovo laptops are built in and shipped from Whitsett, NC. This results in a much faster turnaround time and reduces the likelihood of supply issues.
  • We ensure the hardware specifications of our standard computers are more than adequate for the majority of the work done by faculty and staff at UNC Kenan-Flagler.This includes accidental damage warranties.
  • The standard computers are enterprise-quality models which last much longer than consumer-quality models.
  • UNC has agreements with Lenovo, Dell, and Apple to provide discounted prices.
  • We are able to have any hardware issues with standard computers addressed by technicians here on UNC’s campus rather than having to ship them off somewhere.
  • Our technicians have more experience with these models which results in better support and knowledge of features.

When you submit an order form or someone creates a incident on your behalf, you will receive email updates from “Kenan-Flagler IT” (the email address ends in One of the updates you may see is “State changed from ____ to ____” . The state represents the status of your incident/request. One state can mean a couple different things, but for purchasing requests they generally have the following meanings:

  • New – Your incident/request has been received
  • Acknowledged – IT Purchasing has looked over your incident/request OR IT Purchasing is acknowledging that they received your comment
  • In Progress – IT is actively working on your incident. This can be IT Purchasing researching options, obtaining quotes, checking on policies, etc. OR an it can be that an IT Technician is configuring your computer/other equipment.
  • Assigned – An IT Staff member has reassigned your incident to a different IT Staff member
  • Pending Customer – IT is waiting for you to answer a question
  • Pending Vendor – IT Purchasing is waiting to receive a quote from the vendor
  • Pending Delivery – Waiting for the equipment to be delivered to McColl
  • Resolved – All items in your order have been configured and delivered